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Our lives start with a blank page

From a book of endless opportunities

We choose to see what is written on each page

And each day, we have the choice to start a new story

To enhance our lives

And live to our fullest potential

We have the choice to sharpen our edges

And to brighten our memories

Live today as if you had no fears or doubts

Leave a legacy

Inspire the women, men and children around you

To live out their greatest calling

And to dream the unthinkable

Step out in faith

And live an outstanding, creative and beautiful life

One step at a time…

When it gets hard...   When you feel stuck...   When nothing seems to go your way...   When all hope seems lost...   When you can't catch a break...   When it feels like you can't keep up...   Stop.   Pause.   Breathe.    Put your hands over your heart.   Do you […]

When God Talks

Last week I wrote about taking a break. If you haven't read it yet, check it out HERE.   During the time I was on my break, I was presented with a new business opportunity. It was something I could totally see myself being really good at. I thought it could be an awesome vehicle to […]