One step at a time…

When it gets hard...   When you feel stuck...   When nothing seems to go your way...   When all hope seems lost...   When you can't catch a break...   When it feels like you can't keep up...   Stop.   Pause.   Breathe.    Put your hands over your heart.   Do you […]

When God Talks

Last week I wrote about taking a break. If you haven't read it yet, check it out HERE.   During the time I was on my break, I was presented with a new business opportunity. It was something I could totally see myself being really good at. I thought it could be an awesome vehicle to […]

I’m The Worst Mom, Ever.

I'm the worst mom. Ever. On the daily. The first time those words slapped me across the face was just a few short years ago. I remember it like it happened yesterday. Braelyn just started grasping the understanding of what a real consequence was. And she didn't like it, one bit. As her feet stomped down […]