Reading Your Bible; It Shouldn’t Be That Hard.

I could see you shift a little bit in your seat as you read the title of this post.
But no worries. I can totally relate.
As long as I can remember, reading my bible has been a daunting 'task'. Just something on my to do list, wish list, or 'should do list', if you will.
I remember being in Awana (anyone else??) back when I was in middle school, and getting rewarded for memorizing the books of the bible (recited as quickly as possible) and quoting scripture. And now my daughter is doing the same thing in her Sunday school.
I don't remember it being hard. I don't remember feeling anxious, or scared to try. I just dove right in. But now, as an adult. It feels so much harder.
Now I get it, memorizing the books and having key verses memorized is not a bad thing - but that and even just reading the bible, can be intimidating for those just starting. Especially way later in life.
In the past, I've had really good attempts (key word) at sitting down and reading my bible, cover to cover.
If you don't know much about the bible, it really isn't meant to be read in order, cover to cover (and in all honestly... I'm still not sure how exactly you should go about reading it)
But I tried, nonetheless.
And I quickly got discouraged, because I ran into passages that I just couldn't understand. Or life got in the way. And it slowly wasn't a priority anymore.
My bible began to collect dust on a shelf... and that's where it sat. For years. 
Even though, deep down, I knew I should pick it up again, I didn't know where to begin. But I wanted to try.
So I started devotionals. And that was helpful for a while. I would get tidbits of scripture and a nice message to go along with it, but I still felt like I was missing the bigger picture.
So I joined small groups at my church. (Bible studies, mom groups, etc) And again, I was able to dive in a little deeper. But still walked away, with only getting tidbits of goodness.
It was pretty obvious my soul was seeking more.
And thankfully, a few weeks ago, my pastor presented our church with an amazing opportunity. To have access to a book (before it's published to the public).
This book, is called "The Books of the Bible: New Testament". And what's most appealing about it (to me) is that it's actually read like a story, cover to cover. And all of the chaperts and verse numbers are removed, and it's laid out in an easy to read format.
I. Was. Thrilled.
So of course I jumped on it, and grabbed my copy right away. I'm on day 2, and I'm actually craving to keep reading.
I'll drop the link below if you want to pre-order (which I highly recommend!)
Also, this website below helps explain a little bit more about the book, if you need a little more convincing. 😉 
I'll leave you with this.
If you're anything like me... you have the intention, the desire, but you just haven't found your rhythm in reading your bible, or you're scared, or don't know where to start... do yourself a HUGE favor and at least consider looking into this option.
And, for that extra accountability, I will be posting an update in 8 weeks when I'm DONE reading it! (totally geeking out about this!)
I would love to know what you have found that works in your life, when it comes to reading your bible. Please drop them below in the comment section!
Thank you for stopping by today, I appreciate YOU!
God, we want to know you. We want to know your truth. We want to learn about your promises. We know that the best way to gain access to this incredible knowledge is through the words on paper, in our bibles. Lord, will you help us read, in whatever format we have, and be able to understand fully what it is you want us to learn. Will you guide our hearts as we dig deeper into studying all that you have done, all that you are, and all that will be. Help us crave learning more about you. Amen. 

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. Romans 10:17

Love and seeking more,
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