When God Calls You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Before we dive in... first, I want to shed some light.
I started this journey with so much fire in my soul. The passion was there. I had desire. And hope. But as the weeks went on... I felt so confused. (As I'm sure you were too)
My blog topics were allllllll over the place. I didn't feel like I was giving you what you deserved...I knew something had to change.
Whisper in Her Soul is going to be used exactly as I initially intended it for. To help women to discover their own 'whispers' in their life, to learn more about Jesus, wrap in some inspirational goodness, and all the like. But keep it christianity based.
And all the other stuff I love - business, fashion, lifestyle, etc... well, I'm creating two other separate blogs. Because I value your time. And I do want you to stick with me on this journey. And be able to tune in each week and get something out of it.
So that brings me to today. This topic.

When God calls you out of your comfort zone.

I belong to a women's ministry at my church for moms, called Moms In Step. It's a time we get together each week, work out and have some refresh time, then dive into the book of the semester that we're studying.
I've participated in it for the last two years. And it has been an amazing journey to say the least. But this year, I felt a little different going into it. I felt like something else was in the works.
Then I received the call that shifted the trajectory of this year.
I was asked to be a small group leader for this ministry. There are 80+ women in the ministry which is broken down into roughly 9 small groups... and I was asked to lead one of them. I asked the director if I can take the night to pray about it.
After getting off the phone, the enemy tried so desperately to get in my head. The question "Am I even qualified to do this?", the anxiety of "what ifs", and the fear of not feeling worthy enough to be taking on this kind of role arose.
But deep down in my heart, I knew God was bringing me to this moment. He was challenging me to think differently. To see this opportunity with a different lens. He knew this new platform could help me grow.
So I prayed for clarity. I tried so hard to ignore those other feelings and questions. Toward the end of the night, I felt a sense of peace rush over me.
Just simply knowing that it's not all on me, gave me so much comfort. I knew I can trust Him to give me what I needed to be able to say yes. The next day I sent a message to the director, telling her I'm all in.
This step, this decision, was one of the scariest, but also one of the most incredibly necessary steps to take in my life.  I had been craving something bigger than myself. And leading something like this was always a dream of mine.
At first, I almost let the enemy convince me I wasn't ready. But I was determined to let him know he wasn't going to win this.
The greatest revelation in all of this was reading Week 1 Introduction of the book we are studying.
We are reading Proven by Jennie Allen.
In her first introductory chapter, she writes:
"Jesus is enough, so we don't have to be......
I don't have to prove anything because Jesus proved everything"
How GOOD is that??? We don't HAVE to have it all together. We can come as we are. And be as we are, because Jesus laid it all on the cross... for us.
And this next part she writes... was exactly what I had just experienced when this opportunity was given to me.
"If I were your enemy, this is what I'd do:
Make you believe you need permission to lead.
Make you believe you are helpless.
Make you believe you are insignificant...."
We do NOT need to succumb to the enemy's false accusations. We know he is a liar. And he does not want us to seek after God's plan. He wants us to cower down. To feel small. And doubt ourselves and our Heavenly father. He wants us to stay where we are.
So let me leave you with this.
If you have been presented with an opportunity. If you feel a tug at your soul, calling you to do something, or go somewhere. But the doubt and fear has paralyzed you...
Scripture says,

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." Ephesians 2:10(ESV)

Trust in this truth... God qualifies the called. He has already given us what we need.

Let me wrap up in prayer for all of us... 

God, I pray for each of our journeys. I pray that we can see your will and want and desire what you want for us. That we understand that the enemy will try and sabotage the good. That he will make us feel small. And not ready. We trust that you will bring us through it. We know that you've already equipped us with all that we need. We pray for clarity and guidance, as you call us out of our comfort zones. We trust you. We love you. In Jesus name, Amen.
Love and courage,
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