Friday Favorites – Idea Organization Tool

If you're anything like me and you have 1,000,000 ideas and thoughts floating around in your head at any given time... all of which are super important and you tell yourself you will definitely remember what you're thinking about...
BUT in reality....
What really happens is that amazing idea or super important detail actually gets lost somewhere in that dark hole of oblivion... forever.
And believe me... I have been there. Too many times to admit.
But even the times I was able to find a piece of scratch paper or one of my 150 journals from Home Goods, that information still gets lost somewhere.
And it's not that I'm a super disorganized person (ok maybe yes compared to some), but it's really that I didn't have a great tool to keep all of my thoughts and ideas organized. And in one place.
That is until I stumbled across Evernote.
This free platform has been a LIFESAVER for me. In fact, I'm writing this post using Evernote.
For real though...Let me know if this is like you.
I always get the best ideas in the most inconvenient of times (aka times I'm not at home trying to actually come up with more content) so I'm extremely thankful that I can quick jot a note down from my phone.
For example, if I'm driving, I can just use the "speak text" option, that way I'm keeping my hands on the wheel and my ideas are saved in one spot, and they stay there until I'm ready to dive back in.
As of today, I have 123 notes saved. Some of them are specific to Wedding Planning, some are dedicated to Real Estate marketing ideas, others are recipes, my journal, my goals, and of course my blog content planning and much more.
You can categorize and have subcategories as well. So the possibilities are endless.
The best part about the platform is that it has a clean, simple to use design. Unlike other programs I've tried that takes 5 minutes just to navigate to the blank page... Evernote is truly the
I know this is not a super "fun" topic to talk about, but honestly I wish I had stumbled across it sooner in life. I've been using it going on 2 years and I don't know how chaotic my brain would be without it.
So for all you busy moms, disorganized fellow entrepreneurs, or really anyone that has ideas and needs to keep them organized, do yourself and your brain a huge favor and check out Evernote. There's an app version and desktop version and they link up to each other which of course is oh so convenient! 
You can start small with just a grocery list, or go as big as Reverse Engineering your top 3 goals (more about that another day) or even just use it as a place to reflect on your day and gratitudes.
Just get all those thoughts out of your head and into a system that works (at least it does for me)...and who knows, it might not be your cup of tea, but at least you tried! Or you just never know... it could be that idea organizational tool you've been missing out on!
I would love to know what you think about it.
Love and keeping your sanity,