When God Talks

Last week I wrote about taking a break. If you haven't read it yet, check it out HERE.
During the time I was on my break, I was presented with a new business opportunity. It was something I could totally see myself being really good at. I thought it could be an awesome vehicle to get me to where I want to be, faster.
So because I'm an opportunist...I quickly said yes, without giving it much thought.
Almost immediately after saying yes, my stomach turned into knots. Was I nervous? Did I have 'yes remorse'? Should I have thought this through?
So I sat on it. I gave myself the day to regroup. Yet, that gut feeling was still sitting in the pit of my stomach. I was unable to shake it.
That night, I slept the worst I have in years. I tossed and turned all night. And again, woke up with that terrible pit in my stomach. But I couldn't put my finger on why I was feeling so yuck. I forced myself to sit down and take time to really think about it.
Was this God nudging me? Was He trying to tell me something?
The last time I had a very prevalent gut feeling like this, was when my ex cheated on me. And right there in that moment, I just knew that it was God talking to me.
But I thought to myself "nah... this is a good opportunity, it's not a bad thing...so why would He be trying to tell me something? Why wouldn't He want me to say yes?
So I prayed. And prayed.
And I listened. I didn't really know the full reasons of why He was saying no. But I did know that the opportunity I had at hand, was not meant for me.
I picked up the phone to chat with the wonderful gal who truly did have the best intentions for me and my future, and told her exactly what I was presented with and that I cannot pursue it.
The most confirming part of this story? That sinking gut feeling in my stomach disappeared immediately after hanging up the phone.
Cue the waterworks.
I knew God always had my back. I knew He will always know what is best for me. Even though in that moment, I had questions, I still felt relief. I felt protected. I knew that He would always take care of me. Because He loves me, so so much.


Fast forward to yesterday. As I was getting ready for church... all of a sudden an idea hit me like a ton of bricks. I immediately put my curling iron down, ran to my office to jot the idea into my "dreams & schemes" notebook.
I knew I would have to get back to it after I got back from church. This idea was just too good to forget.
The service began and all I could think about was that idea that had popped in my head earlier. But as our Pastor began to speak, my attention quickly turned.
He started talking about the exact concept God had JUST placed on my heart as I was getting ready that morning... I just couldn't believe it. It was like this whole sermon was made for me. 
As tears streamed down my cheeks in pure joy, I knew it was God talking to me, again.
Then I realized, THIS is what God was holding me back for. This is why He said no to that previous opportunity. This is what He had in mind for me. It's been the idea I've been praying and waiting for since starting this new journey in January.
If I had turned my attention toward that other opportunity, I would've missed the boat on this one.
I knew in general what my dream looked like... but I was missing the important details. Experiencing God's voice that morning confirmed every dream I had about what I'm supposed to be building. And it got so much clearer. And more detailed. And specific. And God planned that day, just for me.
Side note: I cannot wait to unfold what I have in store for you!

I have opened a door for you that no man can close. Revelation 3:8

He plans things like this just for you, too. He knows your heart. He knows what gets you. He knows how to move mountains for you.
So how do you find it? How do you learn what it is He's calling you to do? Or not to do? Listen for his cues. Search for His voice.
Ask yourself, how does God speak to you? Does it feel like a nudge? Is it deep down in your gut? Is it something that just pops in your head?
Do you listen or blow it off like it's nothing?
I challenge you to sit with Him. Sit at His feet, and ask to hear Him. He speaks to all of us uniquely. And sometimes in multiple ways. But the hardest part is deciding to listen. Especially when it's something so good we want.
But understand He knows what is best for you, always. He knows your story. He knows the plans He has placed for you. So trust that voice. Trust the gut feeling. Trust that little whisper in your soul.
Pray this with me. Then listen.

God, I know you are good. I know there are great plans in store for me. guide my steps today. SHUT DOORS THAT AREN'T MEANT FOR ME. Open doors that i should walk through. thank you for equipping me with all that I need. Amen.

Love and preparing doors,