Friday Favorites – 8 Favorite Beauty Staples

So I went through Caribou Coffee Drive Thru the other day and was surprised with five, yes five, compliments from the so very kind barista.

Hair, sunnies, lips, watch, jacket.

Lemme tell ya, I felt pretty fabulous driving away. Total confidence boost! I almost wanted to stick around longer to see what else she would rave about 😉

But to be honest, I didn't wash my hair, and really didn't put in much of an effort. (#WINNING)

All I did was use and throw on a couple of my favs and wah lah!

So for all you 'don't want to spend an hour getting ready' kinda women out there, here's a few beauty staples you should most definitely own!

First and foremost...

1. Dry Shampoo! 

This is a LIFE saver, ladies. And it took me a loooooonnnnggggg time to find one that I loved. I've tried like 1,302,243 of them on the market. Okay, maybe not that many. But enough to waste money.

I was recommended this product and I haven't looked back.

A little goes a long way with this stuff, sista! I've had mine for over 4 months now and I'm barely to the halfway point. And I use it a lot. So spend the little extra up front and you'll be thanking me later!

Next up, beauty fave...


If your hair is anything like mine, and doesn't hold a curl to save your life, THIS my friend... is a must. It holds my hair in a curl MUCH longer than any other product I've tried. And the best part about it, it doesn't build up on your hair tools. No more burnt hair smell every time you want to quick curl your hair!

Next up...


Ever since I was a little girl, my hair shine has been just blah and not to mention the FRIZZ. I used to have a dishwater blonde hair color with no shine and a whole lot of craziness. And now as an adult, no matter what color my hair is, I still have the drab dull, frizzy hair - well, until I found this greatness in a bottle!

Little goes a long way with this stuff, so definitely you don't want to glob it on your hands, unless grease monkey is the look you're shooting for 😉 It smells amazing, and adds that little shine I've been looking for all my life, all while keeping the crazy flyaways...away. 

Love me some up! 

4. Basic curling iron

The curling iron I use is no fancy, $200 piece. But it works WONDERS. I've tried wands as well, but I'm always coming back to a simple 1 inch curler when I want to get the job done well. (And really, I burned my hands one too many times with the wand - ya feel me?) 

It takes practice to be able to accomplish the style you want, but once you get it down, your morning getting ready routine will go so much faster! For my look today, I ran a brush through the curls at the end, then applied the smoothing cream - and there you have it!

I have SO many more hair products I'll rave about another day, but those 4 are a big part of my daily routine - even if I only have a couple min to get ready.

And now.....for the lips!

5. Lip paint

I got this as a "birthday gift" in my Sephora goodie bag. I've tried a lot of lip sticks, stains, pencils, paints, you name it. But this one I keep coming back to. It goes on creamy smooth, and doesn't dry out your lips. SO important! I usually put a little lip balm on first, then follow up with this and it's the PERFECT combination!

This next one I'm going to mention is not one I was wearing today, but I actually just got it last week and I'm in LOVE. It's very close to the color of the lip paint, but it's much deeper rose and will definitely be an often worn lip color!

Anthropologie Lipstick

Definitely cannot forget to mention...

6. classic sunglasses

So I got these sunnies right before Marc and I's trip to Florida last year. I had been sporting a pair of Oakleys for a few years. But, they were a bit heavy on my face...and it was time for an upgrade. In fact, the sunglass hut was running a sweet promo - I ended up buying Marc a new pair (He had a pair of reallllllllyyyyy old sunglasses that were a tad bit out of style ha! I still love ya, Marc 😉 ) So I got us both a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses...and actually, they're a MATCHING his and her pair.

I know, super corny. 

These are the one's Marc got, if you were wondering 😉

This next one is a spring must have! (Okay, who am I's an all around the year must have)


I. Am. Obsessed. With it. I've owned it for almost 2 years, and it's my go to jacket if there's a light breeze and I need a little coverage or just to style up an outfit.

Because I bought it so long ago, it's no longer available but I found one that is very similar!

Nordstrom Leather Jacket

And last but certainly not least... the birthday present from my amazing fiancé...

8. simple watch. 

He hit the nail on the head with this one - maybe because I was superrrrr specific to what I wanted, or, I might've been sitting next to him while he put it in his online shopping cart 😉

Seriously. Words cannot describe how freaking awesome this watch is, but I will sure try to explain. It's simple, classic, lightweight, sharp looking and ties so many of my outfits together. And the best part... there are interchangeable straps!

In fact, I got two different band colors and will certainly not stop there. I plan on getting the black face watch next and adding many more strap colors to my collection. (SO EXCITED!)

But for now, the two colors I have are just perfect.

Movement Watches

You be very pleased with the watch - I just know it! 

That's it, my friends!

Of course there were a MILLION other things I wish I could list...that's for another day! But for now, I hope I added a little glamspiration (see what I did there? 😉 ) to your life today, beautiful girl! XO 

Love and building confidence,