Friday Favorites – Nurturing the Neglected: A 30-Day Guide to Intentionally Loving Yourself

I’m so excited to be popping into your life every Friday now, sharing my favorite things.

The sole purpose of these posts will be to share the things I’m coming across in my daily life, whether it’s a new book I love, a restaurant or recipe you should try, a smokin’ deal on an outfit I snagged, a podcast I love, a personal development or business course that’s a must do, really anything, you name it.

Most of these posts will be short and sweet. (Well, as much as my long winded self can narrow down) And with the exception of this first FF (Friday Favorite) post. Because it truly does deserve a much more swoon-worthy introduction.

I want to make you this promise… I will never share anything with you unless I have personally experienced and loved the results/outcome or the product itself.

I am all about making your life sweeter and more enriched, in any way possible. So I want to make sure you hear about the things that I love most and maybe you’ll love them just as much.

My Friday Favorites Debut is starting out with something that I hold near and dear to my heart.

My faith.

I have always grown up a “Christian”, but until a few years ago, I never really understood what that meant. But now, what Christianity means to me, is that it’s really just about finding and nurturing a deep, intimate relationship, with God and also yourself. Believing that Jesus is our savior. And living out what God has called you to do (see my previous post: Seeking God’s Plan In Your Life)

I’m never going to pretend I’m perfect at it. Because I’m not. None of us are. But there are ways we can grow in our faith. If you’re not “religious” or you don’t really get the whole Christian thing, this post is still going to be for you.

So stick around.

I challenge you to keep an open mind. Listen to that little whisper in your soul and get out of your comfort zone. Start digging into and researching what that little voice is actually leading you towards.

Nurturing the Neglected: A 30-Day Guide to Intentionally Loving Yourself was created by a dear friend of mine, Jennifer Juni. She has always been the go to gal I look up to when it comes to all things faith. She lives and breathes it. She exudes God’s love and grace. And I’m eternally grateful to call her my friend.

I have been so blessed to receive a copy of this beautiful devotional – and I am excited to share a little teaser of what it’s all about.

Here’s the back of the book’s thoughtful written words that truly depict what you should expect when you grab yourself a copy:

“Do you want to change something in your world? Do you want to do something that leaves a mark? A beautiful legacy can only come from a soul that has been tended to. To do this, you need to care for yourself. You need to love you. You need to nurture the neglected parts of your body, spirit, and soul.

Nurturing the Neglected isn’t meant to be a full-blown 30-Day Devotional. Instead, it’s meant to be a 30-Day Inspirational. This book is simply the skeleton to allow God to build on and add life to. Instead of spoon-feeding you an entire meal, I want to give you the ingredients to make a life that you love – that sustains you, and that nourishes your soul. This book won’t be some easy read-it-and-you’re-done-for-the-day kind of book. Instead, it’s meant to inspire you, to lead you to God, to create a dissatisfaction in your “normal”, so you can run to the arms of your Creator to learn His normal.”

I’m on Week 1, and I truly can see her heart and soul poured into each page. She has carefully selected scripture to go along with the stunning handmade graphics, and important topics to spend quality time thinking about.

Another great aspect of this devotional, is you truly do go at your own pace. If the topic she’s talking about hits you right where it hurts, allow yourself to pause spend more time on that day’s lesson.

The goal is not to simply finish it as quickly as you can, but for it to guide you to seeking truth, understanding and growth in your life.

Day 4 was that “pause worthy” message for me.

Am I worthy enough for ‘blank’? I’m not ‘blank’ enough to ‘blank’. These are the thinking patterns I deal with, on the daily. I’ve posted about Imposter Syndrome before.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to view myself as God does, but what I do know, is that I am loved by Him, no matter how small or insignificant I feel.

His opinion of me is the only one that truly matters.

And I’m slowly making steps towards allowing myself the freedom to be exactly who He created me to be.

So as I continue through the book, I will seek to turn my eyes upward, instead of focusing so hard inward, because then it will begin to be a transformative and ever evolving experience.

I’m excited to continue on this journey with this inspirational and wonderfully made book.

I invite you to join alongside of me and so many other women, digging in deeper, loving ourselves harder, and understanding God and His love for us more and more each page we turn.

I really could not rave more about this beautifully simple, yet life enhancing book. 

So to get your hands on one of these beauties: Pre-order now and she’ll be shipping the books on April 4th. Click the link below to pre-order.

Make sure to head over to her facebook page, Nurturing The Neglected, like and share with your friends and let Jennifer know you’ve ordered! <3

Thank you Jennifer, for allowing me to be a part of this journey with you, I’m excited to see this book find it’s way in the hands of many ever-so-deserving women. You inspire so many of us, and we are all incredibly proud of your bold faith, giving heart, and wonderful creativity.

Love and Nurturing the Neglected,