Overcoming Pain

You know that pain. The kind of pain that stops you in your tracks. That takes your breath away. The pain that runs so deep to your bones, that you feel like you won’t ever stop feeling that pain. It lingers. For what seems days or weeks. Maybe even months or years. It can feel unbearable. […]

When God Talks

Last week I wrote about taking a break. If you haven't read it yet, check it out HERE.   During the time I was on my break, I was presented with a new business opportunity. It was something I could totally see myself being really good at. I thought it could be an awesome vehicle to […]

Give yourself a break

We all need to give ourselves a break. From the high demands, from the chaos, from our own expectations we place on ourselves. For some, that means stepping away. For a little while, for a long while, or forever. For others it could mean a stroll in the park. It could mean a quick weekend […]